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Stem Cell Treatment Center

At The Stem Cell Treatment Institute advanced stem cell procedures are performed at several advanced facilities.

Stem Cell Center These clinics offer surgical and medical services of the highest quality in order to satisfy the expectations of it's patients. Rooms are available with their own bath and are equipped to serve all levels of capability. Staff are bilingual and are trained to take care of any patient needs. Have the doctors and advanced medical equipment necessary to make your procedure as well as your recovery safe and successful.

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Meet our doctors:
Dr. Gustavo Andrade - Stem Cell Specialist

Dr. Rivkah Lopez - Cancer Specialist

At The Stem Cell Treatment Institute our doctors use advanced stem cell procedures to treat a wide range of conditions.
We currently have available treatments with stem cells utilizing patient bone marrow and younger donor sources. Treatments are avaiable in the following areas: Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Spinal Cord Injury, Arthritis, Parkinsons Disease, Autoimmune disease, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes, Heart Failure, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers Disease, and Stroke, just to mention a few.

My visit to South San Diego
On my recently visit to SSD I flew into San Diego Airport and was delighted to find the clinics driver was already there and waiting. The trip across the border into the South San Diego medical zone was a quick 30 minutes. I was relieved to see all the things I am used to, Starbucks, Subway, Office Depot, Sears, and more, all within walking distance of our hotel.
The Lucerna Hotel was quite nice with a quite pool area and awesome restaurants. Just down the street and around the corner was the clinic which was very modern and clean. The doctors and other staff were friendly and ready to accommodate my every need. We walked to and from the hotel and down to the nearby mall with ease and felt very safe. The trip was a great success and the return home was easy.

Jim Rider - Contact me at

The Medical Center facility offers surgical and medical services including:
Gall Bladder Surgery
Hernia Repair
Hemrroid Surgery
Laproscopic Surgery

Ovarian Cyst Surgery

Ear Nose and Throat
Turbinate Ression


Gastric Band
Gastric Sleeve
Intra-Gastric Band
Gastric Plicture

Reverse Vasectomy
Varicocele Surgery
Kidney Stone Lithotripsy
Bladder Surgery
Penis Enlargement or Implants

For Cosmetic Vaser Lipo Suction
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Patients fly to the San Diego International Airport, are shuttled to the clinic for extraction and treatments. Not sure what to do!
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It is believed that by the practical application of stem cells, the need for liver, kidney and heart transplants can be reduced dramatically. In addition, a cure for diabetes, nerve restoration and the extension of ones life expectancy by more than 50 years are on the horizon.

Stem Cell Treatment Institute

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Stem Cell Treatment

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